Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Muslims Salah

The one he does it only for Allah [swt]

Allah [SWT] said in Hadith Qudsi

I only accept Salaah from those who do it humbly to my glory and those who walk with humbleness and humility amongst my creation and those who will not sleep with an intention of commiting sins and those who spend the day in zikr, always seek to have Rahma over the miskeen (poor), takes care of the needy and the widows. He rushes to take care of those in calamity or need.

This servant I will give him light like the light of the sun. I will surround him with My glory and dignity and My angels will guard him. If he goes astray, I will give him light and guard him from his own sins. I decorate him with patience and I will give him My Firdous in Jannah. This is the one I accept his prayer and his Salaah.


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